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VDF Series Conveyorised Metal Detector

VDF Series Conveyorised Metal Detector digunakan untuk pengecekan produk yang sudah dikemas dengan ukuran packaging maksimum PxLxT = 40x90x55 cm. Ukuran sensor disesuaikan dengan ukuran kemasan produk yang akan dicek untuk mengoptimalkan sensitivitas mesin. Metal Detector VDF Series ini cocok digunakan untuk pengecekan makanan atau minuman kemasan, seafood, dan barang-barang hasil produksi lainnya yang membutuhkan pengecekan kontaminan Ferrous, Non Ferrous dan Stainless Steel sebelum didistribusikan. Pengecekan ini penting untuk menjamin keamanan pangan kepada konsumen agar terhindar dari kontaminan fisik seperti serpihan besi, kuningan, tembaga, dan stainless.

VDF Series Conveyorised Metal Detector

Spesifikasi VDF Series :
Model VDF Series
Machine Specifications Customized Machine
Detection Width 120-1000 mm
Detection Height 80-600 mm
Detection Sensitivity Ferrous : ≥ 1.0mm (without product) (could be different based on sensor width and height)
Non Ferrous : ≥ 1.2 mm (without product) (could be different based on sensor width and height)
SUS304 : ≥ 2.0 mm (without product) (could be different based on sensor width and height)
Alarm and Rejector System Automatic stop by alarm and sound or push rod or falling drop
Machine structure Full structure takes of stainless 304
Machine size (mm) L1520mm×W830mm×H1000mm if customized it will according to customized size
Machine weight Around 250KG if customized the weight will be different
Voltage and power 220V 50Hz 90W
Load ability 5-25KG conveyor belt running speed : 25-30m/min or customized various
Height from the floor 650mm±50mm can customized
• Dual-channel metal detection system. Coil with a rectangular aperture (no points).
• Control system: ADLINE microprocessor controller.
• Conveyors: Joint-body PU (polyurethane) Conveyor.
• Combined with two-way signal detection circuit technology, liquid crystal display operations in English and visualization.
• Has the adjustment function of products effect, such as moist products, products including sugar or salt, they all can make the machine has the signal of metal, which is actually has no metal, so it gets wrong information from the products and affect the detection result. So use this machine with this function can reduce the products’ effect to get better detection result.
• With memory and learning function, can store 100kinds of product testing parameters, detecting a wide range of materials.
• Completed by the digital signal processing circuit can detect all metal objects, adjusting the simple, stable and reliable.
• The combination of DSP and microcontroller data items on the test sample and treatment to improve detection. • Special transport mechanism designed the maxi-Mize sensitivity of metal detectors.
• Flexible modular design can be customized according to different requirements.
• Mirror stainless steel with open transport system. Easy to clean.
• Meet the requirements of IFS and HACCP certification. There are a variety of options excluded institutions depending on the application.
• With superior shock interference.

Unduh katalog VDF Series Conveyorised Metal Detector:

Katalog VDF Series Conveyorised Metal Detector

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