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SK-2200/SK-12TR Iron Piece and Needle Bar Detectors

SANKO SK-2200 and SK-12TR Iron Piece and Needle Detectors are high-performance-detection devices that provide quality control and protection of equipment, and prevent effects to human bodies, and etc by auto-detecting small iron pieces (broken pieces of needles, wire, bolts, nuts, devices, etc.) on-line process of production and inspection.

Applications :
1. Detection of iron-made foreign materials such as needles, wires, staple needle, broken pieces strayed in textiles, carpets, felts, bolt, non-woven fabrics, and original fabrics.
2. Detection of needles/snapped needles in futon, raised needles/snapped needles/iron broken pieces of raising objects like blankets.
3. Detection of small iron pieces such as wires, bolts, nuts, tacks, and needles strayed in rubber, plastic materials, sheets, other kinds of industrial material, and products.
4. Detection of small iron pieces stayed in food, pack articles, and medical supplies.
5. Detection of small iron pieces strayed in aluminium foil packaging.

Principles :
Minute electromotive force is generated in the detecting coil when a magnetic body such as a needle and an iron piece moves (works) in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. By amplifying this, the alarming circuit operates and gives the alarm with a lamp and buzzer, at the same time stopping the motor, etc. through the external contact output.

SK-2200/SK-12TR Needle Bar Detector

Spesifikasi SK-2200/SK-12TR :
Detecting Method
Magnetic Induction
Detecting ability (detecting needles)
Depending on sizes and moving speed of iron pieces (optimal speed: 30-50m/min)
Detecting ability (detecting needles) Max. 50-60mm with setting pin
Max. 10mm on the detecting face with diameter 0.3xL2mm
Max. 70-80mm with setting pin
Max. 5mm on the detecting face with diameter 0.3xL2mm
Passing Width 56-4736mm (fluctuates by notch 72mm) 140-4500mm (by notch 500mm)
Detecting Alarm LED lamp, Electronic buzzer Light bulb, High power buzzer
No-volt contact point type, Contact capacity 250V 5A
Power Source AC100-240V 50/60 Hz AC100V 50/60 Hz
Dimension & Weight Main unit: 280x110x230mm, 3kg
Probe: 306-4986x91x100mm, 3-55kg
Main unit: 350x140x200mm, 4kg
Probe: 390-4750x91x100mm, 3-50kg
Option Detection position division: 2-4 Channel Detection position division: 2-4 Channel
Modification of voltage: over AC110V upon request
Detection of minute iron pieces with Super Hight Sensitivity, 10 times are sensitive, Super High Sensitive (in-house comparison) capable of detecting with Super High Sensitivity a minute iron piece of diameter 0.3mm x length 0.5mm within 1mm on the detecting electrode surface.

The Latest Hight Stability Circuit, Owing to latest technologies, it is possible to have continuous and stable uses of the unit with less influence or neighboring conditions such as vibrations and power source noise.

Detecting electrode of High Performance, Detecting electrode born from more than 50-year experiences, performances and Know-How is a landmark electrode minimizing and influence area from the neighboring metals. Capabiltiy to build a detecting span of Maximum 4.0m by balancing with the number of channels.

Also effective to aluminium bag articles, Because this unit is a magnetic induced method type using a permanent magnet, and little reactive to aluminium foils and so on, and strongly reactive to magnetic metals such as irons, steels and ferritic stainless steels, it is capable of detecting even a minute iron piece.

A lot of delivery record, Delivered widely to industries of wide span textile products such as textiles, carpets, futon, felt, and non-woven fabrics and of pack products, retort packed foods, paper, rubber and resinous products.

Realization of excellent durability, High performance electric circuit and electrode of Permanent magnet maintain high initial sensitivity and realize excellent stability.

Very effective to thick materials, Very effective to comparably thick materials for wide span such as futon, felt, blankets.

Unduh katalog SMC600B Series Needle Detector:

Katalog SMC600B Series Needle Detector

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