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SMC600B Series Needle Detector

SMC600B Series Needle Detector adalah jenis metal detector tekstil/garmen berjenis konveyor. Needle Detector digunakan untuk mengecek (patahan) jarum pada produk tekstil/garmen. Needle Detector hanya dapat mendeteksi logam Ferrous. Needle Detector penting digunakan mengingat kebutuhan akan tekstil sebagai kebutuhan primer masyarakat yang harus terjamin keamanannya dari barang berbahaya. SMC600B Series Needle Detector dapat digunakan untuk pengecekan produk-produk garmen/tekstil mainan, garment, sepatu dll.

SMC600B Series Needle Detector

Spesifikasi SMC600B Series :
Tunnel Height
100 mm
120 mm
150 mm
200 mm
250 mm
Tunnel Width
600 mm
600 mm
600 mm
600 mm
600 mm
Fe 0.8mm
Fe 1.0mm
Fe 1.2mm
Fe 1.5mm
Fe 2.0mm
Power Supply
220V 50Hz
Alarm Mode
Audibly and visually alarm and automatically stop and rewind
Machine Weight
175 kg
Machine Dimension
- With the latest chip, it has high performance, reliability, sensitivity and anti-interference ability.
- Digital signal processing (DSP) is used for data acquisition and motor control, it's highly intelligent.
- It's simple and easy to use, the data can be processed and store automatically, the boot can keep the shutdown setting each time.
- Self developed high-frequency switching power supply, strong adaptability.
- It adopts integrated design and optimized product design, reducing the number of components, using computer to replace complex electronic components so that failure rate decreased exponentially.
- The timing sequence of the motor is precisely controlled by the computer to extend the service life of the motor.
- It can count the number of qualified, defective, and total number exactly.
- It can automatically shutdown after ten minutes without operation.

Unduh katalog SMC600B Series Needle Detector:

Katalog SMC600B Series Needle Detector

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