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EI-MD3000 Walktrough Metal Detector

EI-MD3000 Walktrough Metal Detector bersensitivitas tinggi menggunakan pengujian elektromagnetik dan teknologi pemrosesan digital yang sangat baik dengan sensitivitas deteksi tinggi dari logam magnetik dan logam nonmagnetik dan pengenalan yang baik untuk barang-barang pribadi seperti koin, kunci, gesper sabuk, dll.

EI-MD3000 Walktrough Metal Detector

Spesifikasi EI-MD3000 :
Model EI-MD3000
Detection Zones 24 detecting area, accurate alarm in single or multi-zone according to requirements.
Sensitivity Level Adjustable 0~255 levels sensitivity in each detecting zone; Effective sensitivity 255 levels in the whole unit.
Alarm Setting Voice and light.
Display Screen High-brightness LCD Screen.
Operational Authorization Password protection, authorization using only.
Counting Function 100% accurate counting on alarming time.
Audible alarm 255 volume levels adjustable, 11 tones levels adjustable.
Factory default resetting Quick reset Factory default.
Size/Weight 2230mm(L) * 830mm(W) * 580mm(H)/ about 65KG.
Tunnel Size 2000mm(L) * 700mm(W) * 500mm(H).
Power Supply AC150V~242V/50+5%HZ.
Power Consumption 14W.
Working Temperature -20 ~+55 degree C.
- Small metal like a paper clip can be detected; suitable for high level security inspection.
- With multi-zone high-brightness LED lights and indicate accurate location with sound alarm.
- Combine digital and simulated technology, super high anti-interference ability, reduce the error alarm.
- Strong ability for self-diagnosis; running status monitoring; error alarm with sound and light.
- The outer cover is made of high strength material, which has a strong capability of waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion and shockproof.
- Modular design, easy installation and maintenance.
- TCP/IP network function.

Unduh katalog EI-MD3000 Walktrough Metal Detector:

Katalog EI-MD3000 Walktrough Metal Detector

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