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EI-MD3000A Walktrough Metal Detector

EI-MD3000A Walktrough Metal Detector bersensitivitas tinggi menggunakan pengujian elektromagnetik dan teknologi pemrosesan digital yang sangat baik dengan sensitivitas deteksi tinggi dari logam magnetik dan logam nonmagnetik dan pengenalan yang baik untuk barang-barang pribadi seperti koin, kunci, gesper sabuk, dll. Sensitivitas tertinggi dapat mendeteksi bola baja berdiameter 20 mm. EI-MD3000A memiliki desain koil berlapis-lapis yang tumpang tindih, dengan LED kecerahan tinggi untuk menunjukkan posisi horizontal benda logam secara akurat, yang dapat memudahkan operator untuk membuat penilaian.

EI-MD3000A Walktrough Metal Detector

Spesifikasi EI-MD3000A :
Model EI-MD3000A
Detection Zones 24 detecting area, with high-brightness LED alarm , Precise positioning the location of hiding contraband
Sensitivity Level 300 level adjustable for each detecting area
Frequency Setup 100 optional working frequency
Alarm Setting 20 volume levels adjustable, 16 tones levels adjustable
Display Screen Color LCD display, Chinese/ English language select menu,Real-time display interference signal
Preset Working Model 30 security check working models, all parameters of detecting procedures can be set or modified at any time
Operational Authorization Password protection allows only authorized personnel operate
Counting Function Equipped with intelligent traffic and alarm counter,Real-time automatically displays the number ofalarm and people, maximum100,000 records
Energy-saving Function The system will automatically enter power-saving mode when it is no detecting in 5 mins, and will wake up when there is object
Anti-interference Highly integrated DSP digital processing technology Automatically detects environmental interference; Resistance to electromagnetic and mechanical interference; non-periodically calibration; no alarm errors caused by vibration and shaking. Anti-interference Capability…50cm for devices adjacent side by side
Diagnostic Function Power-on self-test, fault Display,Allcontrol information and settings can be operated on control panel and menu
Procedure Computer programming controller, Chinese and English optional language, modular structure.
Safety No harm to pacemaker wearers, Pregnant woman and magnetic media.
Size/Weight 2200mm(L) * 800mm(W) * 550mm(H)/ about 65KG
Tunnel Size 2000mm(L) * 700mm(W) * 500mm(H)
Power Supply External power adapter, AC85-264V/47.5-60HZ
Power Consumption <15W.
Working Temperature -20 ~+50 degree C.
- High detection sensitivity for the magnetic metal, non-magnetic metal and alloy.
- Self-diagnostic program, power-on self-test, modular structure, multi-language selection, the system automatically wake up.
- Highly integrated DSP digital processing technology, no need tools to adjust, performance is more stable, more convenient after-sales service
- 24 detecting area, each area can set sensitivity alone.
- Has 300 effective sensitivity.
- High-brightness color LCD; display function of power-on diagnose.
- 30 preset detection program.
- 100 optional frequency.
- Real-time monitor of background environment interference.

Unduh katalog EI-MD3000A Walktrough Metal Detector:

Katalog EI-MD3000A Walktrough Metal Detector

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